Privacy and Security Policy

We follow industry leading standard and all statutory norms for customer information privacy. All transactions that you do on UwishVsell is secure.


  1. Collection of personal information

We collect your personal information such as name, mobile number and email along with your address to serve you better. The information that is collected is used to deliver the products that you purchase. All these information are stored in our secure servers. We do not collect more information than required to serve you.

We track the products that you search and visit. This will help us to suggest recommended products for you. Also we keep track and store the details of products purchased by you on our website.

We also use “cookies” on certain pages of the website within statutory limits to analyze web page traffic, flow, and measure promotional effectiveness.

  1. Sharing of personal information

    Your personal information is not revealed to anyone. Seller receives your name and address for billing purposes. We do not share your browsing history, purchase history directly with any other third parties.

  2. Security Precaution

    Our web portal and app use secure protocols, HTTPS. All traffic to and from our website and app are 128 bit SSL encrypted and follow industry leading standard and statutory norms

  3. Data that you enter on our site and app

    If you write a review of a product that review will be public. Your communication with the seller is private between you and the seller. Any information that you pass on to the Seller is not moderated. You have to refrain from giving personal information including your bank details directly to the seller.

  4. Grievance Redressal

    You can contact +91-44-43569584 or email for any queries or grievances


  • By visiting our website, browsing the product listing, registering as a buyer, or by purchasing a product you AGREE to our Privacy and Security Policy
  • The Privacy and Security Policy is subject to change without notification