Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does UwishVsell own or operate its own stores? How do you guarantee neutrality?

Ans: We are a multi vendor market place. We do not own or operate any of our own stores and do not engage in proxy stores to promote our own product. Our platform is truly neutral.

Q2. How do you guarantee quality and delivery of the products?

Ans. We go through a well defined process to verify the credibility of the sellers before registering them in our portal. Further each and every product is individually approved. We verify that the seller has guaranteed stock in his inventory and that product meets all statutory requirement for sales in India.

Q3. What is the iWish feature? What is an iWish Product?

Ans. iWish is an unique feature in UwishVsell. In most cases the sellers are able to provide a deep discount on their product if there is a guaranteed sales volume. However it is very difficult to estimate this prior to sales. To overcome this difficulty we provide a feature where demand is estimated on the fly and the savings are transferred to the buyer and the seller sells more product thereby having a larger revenue. A win-win situation is created.

Consider the following scenario. A seller wants to sell a SmartPhone. The unit price for the same is 10,000 however the seller is glad to give a discount of₹500 if he could sell more than 100 units and ₹1000 if he could sell more than 500 units and ₹2000 if he could sell more than 1000 units.

So the seller will sell his product as iWish product with the following information on the first day, say Dec1, 2016

  • 1 unit sold : ₹10,000
  • 100+ units sold : ₹9,500
  • 500+ units sold : ₹9,000
  • 1000+ units sold : ₹8,000
  • End Date : Jan 2, 2017

Now buyers can keep buying the product from Dec 1, 2016 by paying ₹10,000. The product will be delivered based on the shipment and delivery terms.

As many buyers keep buying, the cashback increases, and our system constantly updates the number of purchases.

On closing hours of Jan 2, 2017, the end date of that particular iWish, if more than five hundred people have purchased this product, the system will credit ₹1,000 (10,000 – 9,000) to all the buyer's online wallet as cashback. If thousand or more people have purchased the product, ₹2,000 will be credited to all the buyer's online wallet as cashback.

There is no restriction on the amount in the wallet. The buyer can use the amount on par for buying any other products in UwishVsell including mobile recharge and utility payment.

A seller can set any product as iWish. There is no limit on the number of iWish products. Any product can be set as iWish product by the seller.

Q4. How do you manage shipping?

Ans. UwishVsell has partnered with leading logistic providers to provide seamless pickup and delivery across India . At checkout, products are grouped based on the originating seller and options are provided to the buyer for normal or expedited shipping, along with the shipping cost. Once the order is processed, tracking information and other details are sent by email and also by in-app notification. The order is automatically received by the corresponding seller who fulfils the order. The shipping partner is also notified automatically. The shipper picks up the product from the seller and delivers to the buyer. All our shippers accept standard card or cash on delivery as selected during the checkout process.

Q5. What is your return and refund policy?

Ans. UwishVsell maintains and guarantees standard return and refund policy. In all cases the return and refund policy is agreed by the seller prior to listing the product. Return and Refund dates and certain policies may differ product to product and is also based on product category. Please refer to our detailed Return and Refund policy statement.


Q6. How do I pay for the products that I buy?

Ans. UwishVsell has partnered with CCAvenue payment gateway. CCAvenue provides payment options using all leading Indian and international debit and credit cards. EMI and other options are provided if you are using corresponding bank credit or debit cards. We have an ecommerce nodal account with our bankers, ICICI Pvt Ltd, Nungambakkam, Chennai. The settlement process with the seller happens within three days or as required by statutory norms. Refund process is also automatically handled.

Q7. How secure is the Information I provide on UwishVsell?

Ans. uses industry standard secure protocol HTTPS with 128 bit SSL encryption. All data and banking transactions are secure as per industry standard and as per statutory norms. Regarding user privacy please refer to our detailed statement on Privacy Policy


Q8. How does the online Wallet work?

Ans. UwishVsell provides various cash back mechanisms. Primary of which is through iWish Product. When you buy a product under iWish, based on the terms cash back is provided. This cash back is reflected on par in your wallet. There is no restrictions in using your credits in the wallet for subsequent purchases, including mobile recharge and utility payments.

Money cannot be added directly to the wallet using payment services.

Q9. How do you provide localization? What is hyper localization?

Ans. All products sold in UwishVsell have serviceable regions defined by pin codes and locality. A serviceable area for a product can be entire India, a specific state, or few cities, or certain locality or pin codes, or just one locality. Example, a smart phone sold by a seller can have serviceable area defined as entire India. A seller selling specialised local sweets or savouries can define his product's serviceable area to just few neighbouring pin codes.

When a buyer first opens the UwishVsell App or the web platform, the App automatically detects the buyers current pin code and sets that area as his local. The buyer can always override and enter another pin code. Once this is set, the system will show products that can be serviced or delivered in that pin code. So you will see both the smartphone whic h is sold all over India and the sweets and savouries from your neighbourhood seller.

Further, a separate list of “My Local” items are shown, that are unique , and sold exclusively at your location. May be your local shopkeeper products, or your local super market or your local ice cream store. Thus loclaization is inbuilt. This we call as hyper localization.

Q10. How do you provide discounts?

Ans. All discounts are provided by the seller. UwishVsell does not provide discount on seller's products so as to remain neutral. All discounts and discount coupons are solely from that product seller.

Q11. Do you provide discount coupons?

Ans. Discount coupons are provided by the seller for their products. UwishVsell does not provide discounts directly. As a buyer you will get notified on discounts from sellers directly.


Q12. Product reviews and rating?

Ans. All products in UwishVsell have their own ratings and review. Buyers can rate and review the product.


Q13. Seller reviews and rating?

Ans. Buyers can rate and review sellers, and provide feedback.

Q14. Questions to seller?

Ans. Buyers can directly communicate to sellers using the App and the web platform, and ask questions regarding the product.