Taking Indian eCommerce to the next level

    • Multi vendor market place with a difference

    • A fair platform for all vendors

    • Feature rich market place for buyers

    • Localisation features; buy what is hot in your locality

    • Cash back when you "Wish" and buy

    • Sellers can estimate demand and set prices competitively

    • Inbuilt hyper-localization

    • Sellers can bring their store online in a snap

Mobile Apps for buyers and sellers: appstore

Contact Us: contact@uwishvsell.com



Seller Features

  • It is your shop; complete freedom in product listing and pricing

  • A fair level playing market place

  • Free registration; unlimited product listing

  • Hyper localization

  • Demand estimation features and pricing set by you

  • Vouchers and promotions

  • Use your own logistics or use our extended third party logistic network; also allow store pickup

  • Unique website url; store subdomain*

  • Add standard products to your store in a snap

  • Inventory management

  • Order management

  • Invoice, tax and other accounting features built in

  • Confidential accounting features

  • Excellent support

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Buyer features

  • Unique iWish feature for ultimate cash back

  • See what you save

  • Buy at your local store; but online

  • Hyper-localization

  • Product diversity and best prices

  • After sales support and warranty claims

  • Perfect Logistics

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